Design Philosophy

Sophisticated design that engages the senses, inspires the mind and lifts the soul.

The intersection between Art, Architecture, Nature and People is our passion and provides the rich platform from which we design, not just a home, but a sensory experience for life.

At Archiforma we explore the relationship between these elements to create a beauty and function that speaks directly to each client.

Dwelling and Place

Two words that describe the design philosophy of Archiforma. We search for our sense of place in the world and more often than not we find it in family, community and more intimately in our home.

It's here, in our own place, that we find joy, take refuge and create a life for ourselves. The Archiforma design attitude promotes the deep and lasting impact of architecture as it applies to everyday life, to everyday living.

To dwell means, to be, to linger, to last. It's the very essence of good design, both as it applies to buildings and to their individual communities. It also engenders ideas of stillness and depth, of experience and being. At Archiforma we believe architecture can speak to, connect with and express the human spirit.

There's an art to Archiforma, and a passion to involve you in our profound belief that good design can change your life.